Below is a list of participants for the 2013 Jeans for Troops Drive in honor of Memorial Day. To register your School or District please go to our Registration page.

*Participating School Districts are listed in Red.

Participating Schools/School Districts:

  1.   Jefferson School , North Arlington Board of Education
  2.   Absecon
  5.   Alpha Public School, Alpha
  6.   Alpha Public School, Alpha
  7.   Bradley Elementary, Asbury Park
  8.   Avalon Elementary, Avalon
  9.   Bay Head Elementary, Bay Head
  10.   Bellmawr
  11.   Bergen Tech - Paramus, Bergen County Technical Schools
  12.   Paramus, Bergen County Technical Schools
  13.   Thomas P. Hughes, Berkeley Heights
  14.   Woodruff, Berkeley Heights
  15.   Mountain Park School, Berkeley Heights
  16.   Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center, Berkeley Heights BOE
  17.   Woodruff, Berkeley Heigts
  18.   Berlin Township
  19.   Triton Regional High School, Black Horse Pike
  20.   Highland High School, Black Horse Pike Regional
  21.   Triton Regional High School, Black Horse Pike Regional School District
  22.   Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield
  23.   Bloomfield
  24.   Franklin Elementary, Bloomfield
  25.   Demarest, Bloomfield
  26.   Brookdale, Bloomfield
  27.   Bloomfield Middle School, Bloomfield Public School District
  28.   Martha B. Day, Bloomingdale
  29.   Bordentown Regional Middle School, Bordentown Regional
  30.   High School, Bound Brook
  31.   High School, Bound Brook
  32.   Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Brick
  33.   Herbertsville Elem. School, Brick Township
  34.   Drum Point Road Elementary School, Brick Township
  35.   Lake Riviera Middle School, Brick Township
  36.   Drum Point Road Elementary School, Brick Township
  37.   EEC/PLC, Bricktownship
  38.   Bridgeton High School, Bridgeton Public Schools
  39.   Adamsville, Bridgewater Raritan
  40.   John F. Kennedy Primary School, Bridgewater Raritan Regional
  41.   John F. Kennedy, Bridgewater-Raritan
  42.   Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School, Bridgewater-Raritan
  43.   Crim Primary School, Bridgewater-Raritan
  44.   Elementary and Middle, Brigantine Public Schools
  45.   Lincoln School, Caldwell-West Caldwell
  46.   Washington School, Caldwell-West Caldwell
  47.   Califon, Califon
  49.   cape may city elementary school, cape may
  50.   Ocean Academy, cape may county special services
  51.   Carteret
  52.   Carteret
  53.   Cedar Grove High , Cedar Grove
  54.   South End Elementary School, Cedar Grove
  55.   Middle School, Central Regional
  56.   Washington Ave, Chatham
  57.   Rosa International MS, Cherry Hill
  58.   JOhnson Elementary, Cherry Hill
  59.   Carusi , Cherry Hill
  60.   Rosa International MS, Cherry Hill School District
  61.   New Albany Elementary, Cinnaminson
  62.   Middle School & intermediate school, Cinnaminson
  63.   New Albany Elementary, Cinnaminson School District
  64.   Hillside Elementary School, Closter School District
  65.   Conover Road Elementary School, Colts Neck
  66.   Conover Road Elementary School, Colts Neck
  67.   Conover Road Primary School, Colts Neck School District
  68.   Cedar Drive Middle School, Colts Neck Township
  69.   Bloomingdale Avenue School, Cranford
  70.   Bloomingdale Avenue School, Cranford Public Schools
  71.   Orange Avenue, Cranfordm NJ
  72.   Cumberland Regional HS, Cumberland
  73.   Delran Middle School, Delran
  74.   Millbridge, Delran
  75.   Delran High School, Delran Township School District
  76.   DUE Season Charter School, DUE Season Charter School
  77.   Lovell J. Honiss Elementary School, Dumont
  78.   Lovell J. Honiss Elementary School, Dumont
  79.   East Amwell, East Amwell
  80.   Central Elementary, East Hanover
  81.   Central Elementary, East Hanover
  82.   East Hanover Middle School, East Hanover Township
  83.   Frank J. Smith School, East Hanover Township
  84.   Frank J. Smith School, East Hanover Township Schools
  85.   East Hanover Middle School, East Hanover Townshipr
  86.   Mildred Barry Garvin, East Orange
  87.   Dionne Warwick Institute, East Orange
  88.   Gordon Parks Academy, East Orange
  89.   Gordon Parks Academy, East Orange
  90.   J. Garfield Jackson Academy, East Orange
  91.   Johnnie Cochran Academy, East Orange School District
  92.   STEM Academy, East Orange, NJ
  93.   McKenzie, East Rutherford
  94.   Eatontown
  95.   Egg Harbor City
  96.   Egg Harbor City Community School, Egg Harbor City Schools
  97.   Evans Elementary , Evesham
  98.   Rice, Evesham
  99.   DeMasi Middle School, Evesham
  100.   Jaggard Elementary School, Evesham Township
  101.   Marlton Elementary, Evesham Township
  102.   Van Zant, Evesham Township Public Schools
  103.   DeMasi Elementary School, Evesham Township School District
  104.   Radburn School, Fair Lawn
  105.   Franklin, Franklin Borough
  106.   Sampson G. Smith Intermediate School, Franklin Township
  107.   Manalapan High School, Freehold Regional High School District
  108.   Colts Neck High School, Freehold Regional HS District
  109.   Dwight David Eisenhower Middle School, Freehold Township Schools
  110.   Colts Neck High School, Freerhold Regional High School District
  111.   Arthur Rann Elementary School, Galloway Township
  112.   Smithville Elementary School, Galloway Township Public Schools
  113.   Gateway Regional, Gateway Regional
  114.   Gateway Regional, Gateway Regional
  115.   Cedar Creek High School, GEHRHSD
  116.   Gibbsboro, Gibbsboro
  117.   Dorothy L Bullock, Glassboro
  118.   Glassboro Intermediate School, Glassboro
  119.   Dorothy Bullock, Glassboro
  120.   Richard E. Byrd Elementary School, Glen Rock
  121.   Central School, Glen Rock
  122.   Clara E. Coleman, Glen Rock
  123.   Glen Rock HS, Glen Rock
  124.   Byrd, Glen Rock
  125.   Glen Rock Middle School, Glen Rock
  126.   Central, Glen Rock
  127.   Glen Rock HS, Glen Rock
  128.   Clara E. Coleman, Glen Rock
  129.   Clara E. Coleman, Glen Rock
  130.   Clara E. Coleman, Glen Rock
  131.   Clara E. Coleman, Glen Rock
  132.   Glen Rock (NJ) School District
  133.   Hamilton, Glen Rock, NJ
  134.   Broad Street Elementary School, Greenwich Towhsip
  135.   Anna L. Klein, Guttenberg
  136.   Nellie K. Parker Elementary, Hackensack
  137.   Fairmount Elementary School, Hackensack School District
  138.   Haddon Township High School, Haddon Township
  139.   Morgan Elementary, Hamilton Twp
  140.   Harmony Township
  141.   Harmpny Township School District
  142.   Harrison High School, Harrison Public Schools
  143.   Lincoln MIddle School, Hawthorne
  144.   Raritan HS, Hazlet
  145.   Sycamore Dr. Early Childhood Learning Center, Hazlet
  146.   Hazlet Middle School, Hazlet Township
  147.   High Bridge Borough
  148.   Amsterdam, Hillsborough
  149.   Meadowbrook School, Hillsdale
  150.   Hillsdale Public Schools
  151.   Calvin Coolidge, Hillside
  152.   Hurden-Looker, Hillside
  153.   George Washington School, Hillside
  154.   George Washington School, Hillside Public Schools
  155.   Hopewell Crest School, Hopewell Crest School Dutsrict
  156.   Griebling, Howell
  157.   Griebling School, Howell
  158.   Newbury Elementary School, Howell Township
  159.   Middle School South, Howell Township
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  166.   High Tech High School, Hudson County Schools of Technology
  167.   east amwell, Hunterdon county
  168.   Joseph R. Bolger, Keansburg
  169.   Keansburg High School, Keansburg
  170.   Joseph R. Bolger MIddle School , Keansburg
  171.   Kiel, Kinnelon
  172.   Kiel, Kinnelon
  173.   Kinnelon High School, Kinnelon Public Schools
  174.   Stonybrook School, Kinnelon, New Jersey
  175.   Knowlton Township Elementary School, Knowlton
  176.   Eldridge Park, Lawrence Township Public Schools
  177.   Eldridge Park Elementary School, Lawrence Township Public Schools
  178.   Lawrence Middle School, Lawrence Twp
  179.   Lebanon Township
  180.   Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee, Seneca, Sequoia, Lenape Regional High School District
  181.   Link Community School, Link Community School
  182.   Little Egg Harbor
  183.   Little Silver Public Schools
  184.   Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Livingston
  185.   Wilson Elementary, Lodi
  186.   Millington School, Long Hill Township
  187.   Lower Alloways Creek School, Lower Alloways Creek
  188.   Lower Alloways Creek
  189.   Wemrock Brook Elementary, Manalapan Englishtown
  190.    Manasquan Elementary School, Manasquan
  191.   Ridgeway Elementary, Manchester Township
  192.   Mansfield Elementary, Mansfield
  193.   Mansfield Township k-6
  194.   Mansfield Elementary, Mansfield Twp.
  195.   HS, Matawan Aberbeen
  196.   Cambridge Park Preschool, Matawan Aberdeen Regional
  197.   Cambridge Park Preschool, Matawan Aberdeen Regional
  198.   Matawan HS, Matawan Regional
  199.   Center for Lifelong Learning, Middelsex Regional Educational Services Commission
  200.   Middle Twp. Middle School, Middle Township
  201.   High School, Middle Township
  202.   Watchung, Middlesex
  203.   Von E. Mauger Middle School, Middlesex
  204.   Center for Lifelong Learning, Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission
  205.   Oak Knoll Elementary, Monroe Township
  207.   Williamstown High School, Monroe Township
  208.   cedar Hill, Montville
  209.   Woodmont elemementary school, Montville
  210.   William Mason, Montville
  211.   Woodmont Elementary School, Montville
  212.   William Mason, Montville
  213.   Woodmont Elementary School, Montville
  214.   Valley View, Montville NJ
  215.   Robert R Lazar Middle School, Montville township
  216.   Hilldale, Montville Township
  217.   District, Montville Township
  218.   F. W. Holbein, Mount Holly Township
  219.   Sandshore School, Mount Olive
  220.   Sandshore School, Mount Olive
  221.   Lake Drive School, Mountain Lakes
  222.   Mountainside School District
  223.   Mount Arlington, Mt Arlington
  224.   Mullica Township School District
  225.   National Park School District
  226.   National Park School, National Park School District
  227.   Gables, Neptune Township
  228.   Netcong Elementary School, Netcong
  229.   East Side, Newark
  230.   Roberto Clemente, Newark
  231.   Abington Avenue School, Newark
  232.   Oliver Street, Newark
  233.   American History High School, Newark Public Schools
  234.   Quitman Street School, Newark Public Schools
  235.   Branch Brook Elementary School, Newark Public Schools
  236.   Sussex Avenue Renew School, Newark Public Schools
  237.   Merriam Avenue School, Newton
  238.   Merriam Avenue, Newton
  239.   North Arlington High School , North Arlington
  240.   Jefferson Elementary School, North Arlington
  241.   Washington, North Arlington
  242.   Washington School, North Arlington
  243.   North Arlington Middle School , North Arlington NJ District
  244.   Livingston Park, North Brunswick
  245.   North Brunswick Township High School, North Brunswick
  246.   John Adams Elementary School, North Brunswick
  247.   North Brunswick Township High School, North Brunswick Township
  248.   John Adams Elementary School, North Brunswick Township
  249.   Arthur M. Judd Elementary School, North Brunswick Township
  250.   North Hanover Township
  251.   Discovery, North Hanover Township Schools
  252.   Voorhees High School, North Hunterdon-Voorhees
  253.   North Hunterdon High School, North Hunterdon-Voorhees RHSD
  254.   Norwood
  255.   Heights School, Oakland
  256.   Ocean City School District
  257.   Ocean City School District
  258.   Ocean City School District
  259.   Leroy Gordon Cooper School, Old Bridge
  260.   Raymond E. Voorhees, Old Bridge
  261.   Memorial Elementary, Old Bridge Public Schools
  262.   Oldmans Township School
  263.   Oldmans Township School
  264.   Orange Township Public School District
  265.   Dr. Charles R. Smith, Jr., Early Childhood Center65, Palisades Park
  266.   Lindbergh School, Palisades Park School Districtstrict
  267.   Parkway School, Paramus
  268.   West Brook Middle School, Paramus, NJ
  269.   Manchester Regional High School, Passaic
  270.   Manchester Regional High School, Passaic County Manchester Regional High School
  272.   Eastside High School, Paterson
  273.   Ignacio Cruz ECC, Perth Amboy
  274.   Elwood Kindle, Pitman
  275.   Memorial, Pitman
  276.   Pitman Middle School, Pitman School District
  277.   Pittsgrove Township
  278.   High School, Plainfield
  279.   Evergreen Elementary, Plainfield New Jersey
  280.   Point Pleasant Beach High School, Point Pleasant Beach
  281.   high school, rahway
  282.   Ironia Elementary, Randolph
  283.   Randolph High School, Randolph
  284.   Ironia, Randolph
  285.   Three Bridges School, Readington
  286.   Whitehouse , readington
  287.   Holland Brook School, Readington School District
  288.   Reddington Middle School, Reddington District
  289.   Slocum Skewes School, Ridgefield
  290.   Ridgefield Memorial High School, Ridgefield
  291.   Ridgefield Memorial High, Ridgefield
  292.   Ridgefield Park Jr Sr High School, Ridgefield Park
  293.   Lincoln School, Ridgefield Park, NJ
  294.   Riverdale Public School, Riverdale
  295.   Robbinsville High School, Robbinsville
  296.   Rochelle Park
  297.   Rockaway Borough School District
  298.   Birchwood School, Rockaway Township
  299.   Birchwood School, Rockaway Township
  300.   Birchwood School, Rockaway Township
  301.   Dennis B. O\'Brien, Rockaway Township
  302.   Birchwood, Rockaway Township
  303.   Birchwood School, Rockaway Township Public Schools
  304.   Middle School, Roselle Park
  305.   Washington Elementary School, Roselle Public Schools
  306.   Rumson School District
  307.   sadasd
  308.   Wilson Elementary, Sayreville
  309.   Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School, Sayreville
  310.   School One, Scotch Plains Fanwood
  311.   School One, Scotch Plains Fanwood
  312.   McGinn School, Scotch Plains-Fanwood
  313.   Huber Street School, Secaucus
  314.   Shamong
  315.   Indian Mills, Shamong
  316.   Shore Regional High School , Shore Regional High School
  317.   Jordan Rd, Somers Point
  318.   Dawes Ave. Elementary, Somers Point
  319.   Somerset Academy, Somerset County Educational Services Commission
  320.   Somerset Hills
  321.   Somerville Middle, Somerville
  322.   South Brunswick
  323.   South Hackensack Memorial, South Hackensack
  324.   Southampton Township Schools
  325.   Spotswood High School, Spotswood
  326.   High School, Spotswood
  327.    Memorial Middle School, Spotswood Public School
  328.   G. Austin Schoenly School, Spotswood Public Schools
  329.   Edward V Walton School , Springfield
  330.   James Caldwell Elementary, Springfield
  331.   Springfield (Union County)
  332.   Springfield (Union County)
  333.   Springfield (Union County)
  334.   Thelma L. Sandmeier Elementary School, Springfield Public Schools
  335.   Stafford Township School District
  336.   Sterling High School, Sterling Regional School District
  337.   Sterling Regional School District
  338.   Brayton, Summit
  339.   Franklin School, Summit Public Schools
  340.   Sussex Wantage Regional School District
  341.   Olson Middle School, Tabernacle
  342.   Olson Middle School, Tabernacle
  343.   Teaneck High School, Teaneck
  344.   Test District
  345.   Van Holten Elementary School, The Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District
  346.   West Dover, Toms River Regional
  347.   High School North, Toms River Regional
  348.   intermediate north, toms river regional
  349.   Walnut Street Elementary School, Toms River Regional School District
  350.   Jefferson Elementary School, Trenton
  351.   Washington Elem., Trenton
  352.   Robbins Elementary School, Trenton
  353.   Grant, Trenton
  354.   Paul Roberson Elementary School, Trenton
  355.   Lius Munoz Rivera School, Trenton Board of Education, Trenton NJ
  356.   Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Trenton, New Jersey
  357.   Union County Educational Services Commission
  358.   Landis Intermediate, Vineland
  359.   Wallace Middle School, Vineland
  360.   Casimer M. Dallago Early Childhood Center, Vineland
  361.   Almond Road Preschool Center, Vineland
  362.   Petway Elementary, Vineland
  363.   Petway, Vineland
  364.   Gloria Sabater Elementary School, Vineland
  365.   Rossi Intermediate, Vineland
  366.   Dr. William Mennies, Vineland
  367.   Landis Intermediate, Vineland
  368.   Rossi Intermediate School, Vineland Board of Education
  369.   Vineland Public Charter School, Vineland Public Charter School
  370.   Wall High School, Wall Township
  371.   Central, Warren
  372.   Albert Payson Terhune, Wayne Board of Education
  373.   Lafayette Elementary, Wayne Township
  374.   Wayne Township
  375.   Lafayette Elementary, Wayne Township
  376.   Theunis Dey Elementary School, Wayne Township Public Schools
  377.   West Deptford Middle School, West Deptford
  378.   West Deptford Middle School, West Deptford
  379.   Green-Fields Elementary School, West Deptford
  380.   Red Bank, West Deptford
  381.   Oakview Elementary, West Deptford
  382.   West Deptford Middle School, West Deptford
  383.   Green-Fields Elementary School, West Deptford
  384.   West Milford
  385.   Gregory School, West Orange
  386.   West Orange High School, West Orange
  387.   Redwood, West Orange
  388.   Hazel Ave School, West Orange
  389.   McKinley, Westfield
  390.   Jefferson, Westfield Board of Education
  391.   McKinley Elementary, Westfield Public Schools
  392.   Westwood Reg. Jr./Sr. High School, Westwood Regional
  393.   Berkeley School, Westwood Regional School District
  394.   Brookside , Westwood Regional Schools
  395.   Menlo Park Terrace, Woddbridge
  396.   Claremont Avenue, Woodbridge Board of Ed
  397.   Woodstown Middle School, Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional
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