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The G.I. Go Fund
Where Veterans Go Forward
GI Go Fund Teams Up with Goldman Sachs and The Mission Continues
to Assemble Hundreds of Care Packages for Homeless Veterans
Article by James Fanous
Newark, NJ--Over 30 members
of Goldman Sachs took part in
an effort to help veterans
currently living on the streets by
joining The GI Go Fund and The
Mission Continues in Newark
City Hall to assemble over 200
care packages for homeless

The care packages were
developed by the volunteers so
that they may be distributed
during homeless veteran
outreach events in the area.
They include clothes donated by
Harley-Davidson and Bravado,
as well as non-perishable food
supplies donated by Operation
Members of the Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks program, along with fellows
from The Mission Continues, worked to create over 200 care packages for the GI Go
Fund to give out to homeless veterans
The effort was part of the company’s Community TeamWorks program, which is a global volunteer
initiative that allows members of the company to take a day out of the office and spend it
volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. In 2012, more than 25,000 individuals from 48
Goldman Sachs offices around the world partnered with more than 950 non-profit organizations on
a diverse array of community service projects.

This event was coordinated in conjunction with the Mission Continues, an organization that grants
community service fellowships to Post-9/11 Veterans, empowering them to transform their own
lives by serving others and directly impacting their communities. The care packages were
assembled with the assistance of Mission Continues fellows in an effort to help other veterans get
back on their feet.

The GI Go Fund is a nonprofit organization that helps veterans and their families with finding
employment, going to college, connecting to healthcare, and finding housing opportunities. The
organization has made waves in recent years since forging a historic partnership with Mayor Cory
Booker and the city of Newark to head its Veterans’ Office, utilizing a smarter government
approach to find real solutions to the city’s veteran population.

“It is appalling that men and women who served our country in uniform with honor, courage, and
commitment, must return from duty and distant battlefields to homelessness and apathy,” said
Mayor Booker. “These are men and women who made enormous sacrifices and fought in battle to
protect our liberties, our homes, and our streets. Too many of them return to enjoy precious few
liberties, lack homes, and are forced to sleep in our streets. My administration is committed to
giving our returning warriors the love and respect that they have earned.

“We are proud of how Goldman Sachs and its Community TeamWorks program has partnered with
our GI Go Fund to provide care packages for homeless veterans in the City of Newark. I value the
work done by GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous to develop this important partnership,
and I urge Newark residents to support the GI Go Fund and all of our veterans.”

"When you prepare these care packages, remember that these packages are intended for
Americans who at one point fought for you and I,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous
to the volunteers. “Do not think about the tattered clothes they wear today, but the uniform they
once wore for you. Do not think of the bridge they sleep under but the bunker they once slept in to
protect us. Always remember that these packages are meant for a hero; a man or woman who
loved you and this country more than themselves, and with this package we can begin to say we
love you too."

The packages will be used as part of the organization’s Midnight Mission for Homeless Veterans,
an innovative outreach service that has scores of volunteers going out before dawn to places with
high volumes of veteran homelessness to provide them with emergency supplies and access to VA
medical assistance. Some packages were immediately delivered to the St. Bridget Support Center,
a local food pantry that provides services to the city’s homeless population.

In addition, the care packages will be used during the organization’s Stand Down for Homeless
Veterans later this fall, which is a one day event that links homeless veterans to food, clothes,
legal aid, haircuts, and emergency medical aid.
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