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The G.I. Go Fund
Where Veterans Go Forward
Jeans for Troops Day in Honor of Veterans Day Breaks Records Once Again Throughout
the Country
Article by James Fanous
The last drive held during Memorial Day set records with over 1,600 schools and companies participating,
a norm for the drive as totals increase with each passing drive. This Veterans Day once again saw records
broken, with nearly 2,000 groups signing up to support veterans.

“The amount that this event has grown in the past few years has been truly something special,” said GI Go
Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “What started a small group of loyal supporters has now swelled to
over a million school teachers, government workers, and business employees alike standing together to
lend a hand to their local veterans in need this Veterans Day. All of our participants are showing the true
passion and love that all of us Americans have for our military men and women, and they are saying thank
you to them in the best way possible.”
© 2014 - The G.I. Go Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Employees at over 1,900 Schools, Companies, and Government Agencies Honored Our Men and
Women in Uniform During Nationwide Dress Down Day; Funds Will Go to Benefit the GI Go Fund as
They Work to Help Veterans Find Employment and Achieve Better Access to Health Care
Diversant of Charlotte, NC joined the thousands of companies and schools who
participated in the Jeans for Troops drive commemorating Veterans day 2014
As our nation paid tribute to our armed
forces on this Veterans Day, many of its
citizens from coast to coast joined together
to help their fellow troops and their
families. Over 1,900 schools, companies,
and government agencies are taking part
in a nationwide movement to support
returning veterans this Memorial Day and
help them get the assistance they need as
they come home.

During the “Jeans for Troops” program,
schools, companies, and all other
employers that chose to participate will
allow their employees to wear jeans to
work on November 12 in exchange for a
$5 donation to the GI Go Fund, a 501(c)
(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to
assisting all veterans with their needs
upon their return home from combat.
The organization was able to
reach a major milestone this year
thanks to the help of their
previous Jeans Drive during
Memorial Day. Working with
federal legislators following the
VA scandal, the GI Go Fund was
able to make a significant impact
on many veterans struggling to
obtain adequate healthcare,
getting new VA reforms to
include language that gives
veterans living more than 40
miles from a VA facility access to
a private doctor.
The funds from this drive will go towards helping veterans in need this Thanksgiving and Christmas
season with meals and shopping cards so they may provide for their loved ones during the holidays. The
organization will also work to help veterans find employment through new and innovative methods.
Teachers and Staff at the Chauncey H. Duker School in McHenry, IL wear Jeans for Troops
to support the GI Go Fund in honor of Veterans Day