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The G.I. Go Fund
Where Veterans Go Forward
these companies to learn more about finding employment. The workshop showed veterans how they
can translate their military experience into a civilian career, provided assistance with veterans looking
to improve their resumes, and gave veterans the chance to share their transition stories with other
veterans who have successfully transferred their military background into steady employment.

“We are very excited to have the chance to give these veterans the tools they need from the best of
the best,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “Our priority is finding veterans great
jobs for the new age economy, and there is no better way than to work with companies like PSEG
who, thanks to leaders like Diana Drysdale and Sally Nadler, have done amazing things for veterans.
We want to make sure we not only help veterans translate their skills, but do so in a way that will
attract them to the top companies, and we will continue to find new pathways to get veterans into the
jobs of the next generation.”

For the veterans that were part of this event, they will have the opportunity to utilize the skills they
have learned at the GI Go Fund’s upcoming Newark Job Fair at NJPAC on April 12, where they will
have the opportunity to speak with over 50 employers from all across the region who are looking to
hire veterans.

GI Go Fund is committed to linking veterans to the best employment opportunities and support to find
them a steady, solid career. Workshops like these have been a staple of the organization’s efforts to
help veterans better prepare for the job hunt, working with other corporate leaders like Johnson &
Johnson, Ernst & Young, Citi, and Prudential to provide resume writing and job interview assistance
to young vets transitioning home, and will continue to hold these workshops numerous times
throughout the year.

Special thanks to Diana Drysdale, President of Renewables at PSEG, Sally Nadler, Manager
Workforce Development, and Kendall Ademu-John, HR Specialist - Diversity Outreach, for making
this event a success.
GI Go Fund and PSEG host Career Workshop for Dozens of Military Veterans
By James Fanous
© 2014 - The G.I. Go Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Veterans receive resume coaching and skills training at the PSEG Training Center in Edison, NJ
Kendall Ademu-John, HR Specialist - Diversity Outreach at PSEG, presenting
resume writing skills to veterans at the PSEG Training Center in Edison, NJ
EDISON, NJ - Dozens of military
veterans were given a unique
opportunity to receive job
searching assistance from high
level employees at the Military
Veterans Skills and Career
Workshop this past week in
Edison, NJ.

GI Go Fund partnered with PSEG
to give veterans returning home
from Iraq and Afghanistan an
opportunity to meet with fellow
veterans who serve in
management positions at each of