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St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church and GI Go Fund Partner Sends Over 80 Care
Packages to Soldiers Stationed in Afghanistan in Time for the Holidays
Article by James Fanous
the same division that Lt. Seth Dvorin, the inspiration behind the founding of The GI Go Fund, belonged
to. Members of the 10th Mountain Division had raised nearly $5,000 during a golf outing in May prior to
their deployment, as well as contributing over $3,500 at the GI Go Fund Veterans Day Gala in honor of
Seth and the organization.

The packages were assembled by the St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church Father Bishoy Youth Group,
which in addition to these care packages has made hundreds packages for homeless veterans here at
home for the past few years. All of the care packages were assembled in the Church’s facilities in Corpus
Christie, NJ, with supplies generously provided by the Mercer County Association of Realtors.

“I want to thank the members of the St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church for once again showing their love
and appreciation for our current and former service members,” said Jack Fanous, Executive Director of
The GI Go Fund. “The amount of packages they have made, both now and over the past few years, has
just been astonishing. And the fact that we can provide these supplies to the same soldiers who just a
few months before hosted a golf outing to support us and honor the memory of Seth is truly special.”

The GI Go Fund is an organization on the cutting edge of offering support to veterans, providing
veterans with innovative ways of finding employment, securing their educational and health benefits, as
well as providing aid and assistance to low income and homeless veterans. Since their founding, the
organization has helped tens of thousands of veterans improve their lives and give them the capacity to
provide and care for their loved ones.
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(East Brunswick, NJ)- The GI Go Fund
and St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church
of East Brunswick, NJ looked to spread
love and support to American soldiers
stationed in Afghanistan this Holiday
season by sending over 80 care
packages overseas. The packages
included food, clothing, cleaning
supplies, toiletries, and other essentials
that the soldiers can use to get them
through their deployment.

All care packages where delivered to
soldiers stationed to Afghanistan from
the 10th Mountain Division in Ft. Drum,
Over 80 Care Packages were assembled by St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in East
Brunswick for Soldiers Deployed in Afghanistan.