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The G.I. Go Fund
Where Veterans Go Forward
Ten Years Later: GI Go Fund Celebrates a Decade of Supporting America’s Veterans
Article by James Fanous
These were the daunting tasks that faced the co-founders of The GI Go Fund, but one that they were
determined to perform so they could sufficiently honor their fallen friend.

“We had to do it for him,” said Jack Fanous, Executive Director and co-founder of the GI Go Fund. “He
was the one among us that served. He was the one who sacrificed everything for us and his country. We
may not have set out to tackle so many problems when we first started, but we knew that it was the only
way we could truly pay tribute to Seth.”

"Out of tragedy the GI Go Fund was created, dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our soldiers who have
served and are serving our nation,” said Sue Niederer, mother of Seth Dvorin. “On the GI Go Fund’s 10th
anniversary, I want to personally thank the founders Jack Fanous, James Fanous and Alex Manis for their
dedication, devotion, and perseverance. The organization was founded in memory of my son Lt. Seth
Dvorin, who gave his life serving in Iraq while sparing the lives of 18 fellow soldiers. His memory and
legacy will continue on through the efforts of the GI Go Fund. As a mother who has lost her son, I am
proud to say that Jack, James, and Alex have become like sons to me. Seth's legacy will continue on
through their efforts and the accomplishments of the Fund. I am so proud and thankful for all of their

Since its founding, this organization has been able to achieve so many things for veterans all across the
country. They have hosted numerous career events like Job Fairs and Career Mentorships that have
paired hundreds of employers with countless veterans from Newark, NJ to San Diego, CA. They have
worked with lawmakers to help revolutionize the VA system to better care for our veterans. They have
improved the way veterans are treated in the criminal justice system, as well as forge terrific partnerships
with lawfirms to provide pro bono services to low income veterans. And they were able to create an
historic partnership with then Newark Mayor and current US Senator Cory Booker to provide essential
services to veterans in the city.

The organization has received tremendous recognition for their support of veterans, having been
featured on CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets on numerous occasions. In addition, their work with
homeless veterans in the city of Newark was featured on the hour-long ABC reality show “Secret

“These past years, the level of attention we have received for our work and the people we have worked
with to improve the lives of veterans, it is truly humbling,” said Deputy Director Alex Manis. “From
legislators like Senators Menendez and Booker to great companies like PSEG and Panasonic, we have
been very fortunate to have partnered with such amazing organizations and people to help us reach and
support more veterans.”

While the work of the organization has helped so many veterans and their loved ones over the years,
none of these great things would be possible without the great work of our supporters from all across the
country, most notably through our Jeans for Troops drive. Through this nationwide fundraiser, held twice
a year in honor of Memorial Day and Veterans Day, people working at companies and schools contribute
$5 to the GI Go Fund as they wear Jeans to work to show their support to our mission of supporting
veterans. Since this drive began in 2011, millions of supporters have participated in the drive, helping our
organization reach incredible levels of success. The organization has also had great success through
fundraising at its annual Veterans Day Gala, as well as through other fundraising drives and program

“The support of these great people has been amazing,” said Communications Director James Fanous.
“From New York to Ohio to Texas to California, schools and business have gone above and beyond to
show their support for our efforts. And thanks to these great employees, as well as great organizations
like Foodtown, Johnson & Johnson, the Kessler Foundation, WithumSmith+Brown, Day Pitney, Carl
Sandburg Middle School, and so many more, we will be heading into the next decade with full force,
ready to tackle any challenges our returning veterans face.”

In addition, the group has had great fundraising success through the Steps for Vets program, which was
started by Seth’s uncle Gary Sapir at Carl Sandburg Middle School involving all the students and faculty
raising over $50,000 for the organization, the most raised by any one school for a cause in the country.
“The GI Go Fund, founded 10 years ago, has dedicated itself to enhancing and reclaiming the lives of
veterans and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Sapir. “Promoting legislation,
creating job fairs, providing housing and shelter are but a few of the Fund’s ongoing programs. Their
mission and achievements continue to grow. I, as the uncle of Lt. Seth Dvorin, in whose memory the GI
Go Fund was founded, commend founders Jack Fanous, James Fanous, and Alex Manis. Their
dedication and devotion to this cause is unparalleled.”

As the organization looks to the next ten years, they will be work to improve the services that veterans
receive in employment, housing, legal aide, and VA benefits. They will work to expand their operations in
new locations throughout the country, as well as work to nurture veteran entrepreneurship through the
development of incubator space for veteran small businesses. Most of all, they will ensure that every
veteran in America is made aware of the organization, its mission, and how we can assist them and their
loved ones.

“We have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us,” said Jack Fanous. “We have grown exponentially
since our first day, working with terrific organizations and amazing people to help our returning veterans.
But the work is far from over. No veteran should be without a steady job. No veteran should be forced to
live on the streets. And no veteran should struggle getting the care they have earned from the VA. These
are issues that still plague the veteran community, and I, as well as all of us at the GI Go Fund, will
remain committed and vigilant in helping all of our veterans in need from facing any of these challenges.
It is our mission, and one that we are proud to carry into the next ten years.”
© 2014 - The G.I. Go Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
NEWARK, NJ - On January 17th, 2006,
a group of friends set out on a simple
journey: to honor their friend Lt. Seth
Dvorin, who enlisted in the Army and
made the ultimate sacrifice for his
country by showing their gratitude to his
fellow service members who came
home. While they did provide military
veterans with days of relaxation as a
way of saying thanks, what developed
was a discovery that military veterans
needed so much more: employment
assistance, connections to critical
benefits, emergency financial support,
and access to housing.
What started as a local community effort has swelled into a national organization that has assisted
thousands of military veterans and brought communities together from coast to coast in support of our
nation’s heroes
Our work  with homeless veterans on ABC's Secret Millionaire